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The Sound of Success? Limes Audio from Umeå doubled revenue and employees in 2013

Written by on February 21

What does a promising future sound like for Swedish tech start-ups? For Umeå-based Limes Audio AB, it sounds like a US patent granted for audio enhancement technology and a coveted place on Ny Teknik and Affärsvärlden’s prestigious list of Sweden’s hottest growing tech firms, “33-listan”.

With revenue and employees almost doubling last year, CEO Fredric Lindström is confident his R&D-heavy approach to innovation will attract international investment, and has already caught the attention of Silicon Valley.

Revenue and employees almost doubling last year for R&D-heavy Limes Audio AB

Developed to enhance audio quality in telecommunications equipment (speakerphones, conference phones, even elevator phones), the patented audio software has a myriad applications, and the company has plans to release four new products this year in addition to licensing its software to telecommunications providers.

Founded in 1997, and one of few Swedish tech-startups to boast both hardware and software products, one might presume that the road has been long and arduous, and thus, precarious. But there is an old proverb that says “The slow-cooked stew tastes the sweetest.” And Limes Audio AB has been cooking their acoustic stew in their research lab carefully and methodically, and it’s just about ready to serve.

With the sound of impending success buzzing (in crisp and clear quality), the ambitions for this Umeå-based start-up are indeed global, and indeed promising.

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