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Anton Johansson launches Alltid, a fixed-price electricity service

Written by on February 20

Just a year or so after launching Osom, a mobile app that aimed to be “Instagram meets Craiglist”, Anton Johansson is starting over in a completely different industry. Completely different.

Today, Anton launched Alltid - a electricity contract with a fixed rate and monthly cost. Sort of like Spotify, but for your electricity bills. The service itself is actually a collaboration between electricity company Borås Elhandel, who of course purchase their electricity from Nordpool, the Nordic power market.

In addition to a fixed price, Alltid want to provide consumers with a slick, mobile interface with which they can interact with their electricity consumption. In the name of environmentally friendly, they’re also getting rid of paper invoices and want to force electricity companies to be more transparent towards customers.

On the electricity market and why Anton is working on Alltid

 I did not really like what was available to me, in terms of choices. I am used to services like Spotify, Netflix and the like, and I thought why can’t electricity also be a fixed monthly cost?, commented Anton Johansson.

It’s definitely a bold move from Anton, but like other Swedish tech startups before him – taking on a big, slow-moving industry could be a winning move. An unexpected move, but one to watch in 2014.

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