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VisualDreams latest game has been downloaded 250,000 times in one weekend

Written by on February 19

VisualDreams from Norrköping, who have seen success with their previous games just released a new title – Slam Dunk Basketball 2. The new game was downloaded over once per second during the weekend, racking up a total of 250,000 downloads in the first three days. With the majority of downloads originating from USA, and with the game currently holding down first place in the US sports category, Slam Dunk Basketball 2 is on the way to becoming an instant App Store success.

What makes the team even happier I’m sure, is that activity during the launch weekend has been extreme with over 8 matches started each second.

With activity levels showing no  signs of slowing down, could Visual Dreams be the next big thing in Swedish casual gaming?

Kristofer Boman, CEO at VisualDreams says: “We are in shock over the number of downloads and player activity Slam Dunk Basketball 2 has had this weekend. It’s like a fairy tale come true, the pressure got so extreme that our servers couldn’t take it anymore. This is of course a luxury problem and the servers are now up and running again, serving the download and usage curves that point straight up. Today the team and I celebrated with champagne and laughter!”

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