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SkickaTårta.se sending cakes all over Europe, raised 5M SEK from Industrifonden

Written by on February 18, 2014

The Malmö company behind the online service that helps you send cakes Skicka Tårta”, whom we’ve written about before, just raised 5M SEK from Industrifonden. The CEO, Magnus Noord tells Sydsvenskan that the money will be used to take the service to the rest of Europe, starting in Poland and Germany.

They’ve previously told us that they chose Poland because of their economic advantages and great internet infrastructure:

It is natural to choose Poland as the first foreign market. They are 40 million people and the country’s economy is doing well compared to the rest of Europe. They have a comparatively great Internet infrastructure, and they love pastries almost as much as the Swedes! says Magnus Noord, partner at SkickaTårta.se.

The team behind “Skicka Tårta” have a background in the industry, working on the Euroflorist flower delivery service back in the early 2000’s. Since then, they founded “Skicka Tårta” in 2011 and have a user base of 8500 paying customers with a sales revenue of 6M SEK. Magnus estimates that the market for this sort of business is worth around 250M SEK in Sweden alone, so they are confident in saying that they’ve not reached their limit.

The money from Industrifonden will be used to fund the advertising costs that’s needed to grow in Europe. The company has previously raised money from Malmö-based venture capital firm Spintop Ventures.

Source: Sydsvenskan

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