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Written by on February 18, 2014

What makes an investor go with an idea?
What makes an entrepreneur trust that investor?

Many young entrepreneurs have no experience from previous companies and they are most probably broke too. The investors, whom early take on the big risk and give startups a hope about the opportunity to raise money for new ideas, will be celebrated. Sometimes these ideas will be very successful and the entrepreneurs get lots of media coverage with great interviews about how they went from the basement to many millions in turn over. The successful company get well-deserved attention from other entrepreneurs, become a good example and the founders are often hired to give spectacular lectures to inspire others.

But we still wonder why?

What prerequisites does the investor use for example when deciding to invest in three part-time sales guys, basement entrepreneurs with an untested idea – from Sweden? Dani Evanoff, one of the first investors in Servicefinder, knows. He started his entrepreneurial carrier when founding the pick-and-mix concept Godisprinsen, which grew to be a serious competitor to Karamellkungen, and finally was acquired by them. After selling the company, Dani started to invest in other companies. This spring he is one of the dragons in Draknästet (the Swedish Dragons Den), and on February 20th you can you meet Dani at Startup Grind and get a feeling of how an angel investor reasons.

I look for individuals with a drive to sell, because they can succeed even if the ideas arent’t the best!
– Dani Evanoff, “Malou efter 10”

Dani often talks about the personal match as the most important when he invests in new companies. The unique part with the Startup Grind event will be the opportunity to hear more about the personal story of both the founder and the investor and the match made between them. Jeffrey Singh will be on stage followed by Dani Evanoff. Of course we will get the opportunity to hear about their stories and why they manage to create and build their companies.

Most tickets are sold out so be sure to get a ticket. See below for a special two-for-one price if you want to bring a friend. Be sure to get your ticket at startupgrindswe6.eventbrite.com. We will NOT be able to sell any tickets at the door.

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