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Silent Order vs Waitress: The battle of Swedish restaurant apps begins.

Written by on February 17

Silent Order was founded just over a year ago when restaurateur Fredrik Matsson opened his new restaurant and was looking for a solution to streamline the sales flow and reduce the number of people on staff. I caught up with Håkan Tiderman, one of the cofounders at Silent Order for a quick chat.

Silent Order is a free app for smartphones. Using the Silent Order app, customers can safely and easily order and pay for food, drinks and tickets, from within a smartphone. The idea is that it reduces wait time and increases restaurant efficiency. Customers can browse through the menus and once ready, they can order and pay directly. It’s a pretty simple, but powerful concept and definitely a product that will appeal to a lot of busy city-slickers. The elephant-in-the-room is that for a restaurant – it can be a bit of a pain to use these kinds of solutions, given there will always be “old school” customers that want table service, or to pay with cash.

The Gothenburg-based company are aiming to launch in around 250 restaurants and are aiming for a first year revenue between 8 and 9 million. Pretty ambitious. Initially, the team has focused on restaurants, bars , nightclubs, sports bars, bowling alleys, stadiums and events.

Changing the way you have been doing things in a bar or a restaurant for hundreds of years is a challenge.

They are currently focusing on sales and spreading the word about the product, they just got back from Sälen, where they shot a promotion video (see below).  Håkan adds that they are currently looking for additional funding (they received funding from Almi a short while back) to further developing and promoting the product.

This is a competitive space, even in Sweden. Stockholm based Waitress have an experienced team, a strong sales focus and are well-funded. These two are definitely going to need to go head-to-head to win over customers – so it’s going to be an interesting battle to watch unfold over the next few months.

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