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Recap from last night’s #Techeq release party in Stockholm

Written by on February 14

Last night, at Nalen in Stockholm, Annie Thorell (who has been writing guest posts here at SwedishStartupSpace) from Netlight, together with MTGx, Tieto och Tritech launched Techeq – a conference to promote gender equality in the tech industry.

The event was held to to bring more attention to gender equality in tech, but more importantly to create a manifest which aims to help promote more gender equality within tech companies. The idea is, companies will agree to the Techeq manifest, and will thus need to follow 3 rules (described below).

All companies who join the Techeq manifest agree to the following:


Work on “flattening” out the numbers of men and women in the company, on the technology side as well as within the whole company We promise to make an effort, to not forget and never be satisfied.


We promise to share our work, methods, knowledge and result, to others with the same goal. We promise to show our progress and work instead of competing with each other. We believe that the change we can accomplish is more important than our differences.


We promise to count the number of women at all levels in the company and not be satisfied by doing a “overall” estimation. We promise to evaluate the result and stand up for these and use them in our continous work for a more gender equal work place.


This is a fantastic initiative, so hats off to all the people involved for making this happen. Here’s to hoping that Techeq can have a big impact on Sweden’s tech world. Outside Sweden, there is definitely some interesting things happening in the tech industry with regards to gender equality. Notably, accelerator 500 Startups just launched a “female only” syndicate on AngelList.

Twitter feed from the event

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