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Truecaller hosts some of Sweden’s political and industry leaders to celebrate funding success

Written by on February 12

With Truecaller’s latest funding announcement of $18.8M, and the partnership deal with Yelp, the Stockholm based startup invited some of Sweden’s political figures and industry leaders into their office to celebrate their success, and help to strengthen the Stockholm Startup scene.

Truecaller hosted Dr. Ewa Björling, the Swedish Minister of Trade, Her Excellency Mrs. Banashri Bose Harrison, the Ambassador of the Republic of India to Sweden and Latvia, and Mrs. Brzezinski from the US embassy together with Jon Weadon, the U.S. Embassy economics officer.

“Usually my calendar is booked for six months or so, but this could be the next Swedish Apple or Google, so I better come!” commented Dr. Ewa Björling, Minister of Trade.

Her Excellency, Mrs. Harrison, added that Indian companies will benefit from the investments in Sweden, and she hopes that Indian companies will grow in Sweden thanks to this step with Truecaller.

“The point of this event, was to show some political and industry figures the successes in the Stockholm startup scene, and of course to celebrate the recent funding news,” says Kim Fai Kok, marketing manager at Truecaller.

It’s been a great start to the year for Truecaller, given that besides the latest funding news and Yelp deal, they also partnered up with Twitter a couple of months back. The company has some seriously ambitious goals, namely to hit half a billion users – so we look forward to keeping tabs on Truecaller during the rest of 2014!

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