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Meet the latest 8 tech startups in STING’s FastForward program

Written by on February 6, 2014

Well, the first batch of STING’s FastForward program have just moved out of SUP46, but without any delay, another 8 companies have moved in. They’ll sit at co-working space SUP46 for a couple of months, before presenting at “demo day” in front of investors, journalists and their peers.

Well, without further ado, here are the 8 startups in the latest batch!


APPRL offers a range of easy-to-use tools that help digital publishers & bloggers to monetize and help online stores to sell more by increasing their reach. For example, bloggers can create their own Apprl shop in 5 minutes, a store can make their lookbook drive sales in social media and shoppers can buy directly from blogs or see how others have mixed & matched products before buying. 

Competencer is a new way of providing online advisory services, such as coaching and therapy. The advisor can easily offer his/her services online through our marketplace and platform. We offer a complete solution – from marketing, booking and payment, to the actual meeting and follow up. The clients get the opportunity to find, evaluate and interact with excellent experts, from all over the world.


People are loosing faith in banks and personal savings remains un-inspiring and difficult. Dreams is a personal trainer that makes saving money easy, engaging and social. It’s a mobile bank service that turns general savings into specific dreams. 

Cody Coder

Cody Coder produces educational materials to children that teaches and introduces programming languages for young ages through exciting graphics and engaging storytelling. 


Mondido.com is a new payment solution that offers companies a simple and fast way to start accepting payments on webpages and mobile applications while offering smart features helping to increase and analyze sales.


Photos can be automatically shared in a controlled group over a specific time period. Picay is as useful for concerts and gatherings, as for a company’s internal communications or professional events. The Alpha version of Picay has already impressed partners in four major cities, and Picay is now ready to accelerate the development to reach new users and countries.


Spontano loves spontaneity and has the vision to make Stockholm more spontaneous. Through Spontano, users are served events happening within 48 hours and buys tickets with just a few taps on their mobile devices. While users have everything from theatre and sports to salsa-dance available spontaneously, the event organisers get a unique channel to reach out with unsold tickets and access new target audiences.


30minMBA is a skill development service that offers sticky summaries of great business books for ambitious professionals who want to stay ahead. We give you a convenient way to develop your professional knowledge and business skills with leading content that is actionable and relevant directly on your mobile in both audio and text. With curated content and only 30 minutes you get key insights that you can apply in your daily work right away. We aim to bridge the gap between what science knows and what business does. Do you love to stay ahead and like to be effective? Visit www.30minMBA.com.

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