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With Deskoptio, you’re only one click away from a full fledged support system

Written by on February 3, 2014

The support and customer space is really hot right now with companies such as Swedish RelationDesk and Kundo being the most well known actors. I caught up with Deskoptio, a customer service platform that takes pride in the short amount of time it takes to integrate their platform with your product.

The team consists of two friends, Daniel Biloglav and Eldar Terzic. Eldar Terzic tells us that “both of us have great knowledge of the development process, from coding to project management. I work full time as lead developer at Apsis International and Daniel has just started a consultancy company called SBI Engineering.”.

Daniel and Eldar started Deskoptio as a side project to learn new design patterns and programming technologies. Later on, they realized there is a big need for an application such as Deskoptio.

You always want to know what your customers think about your service and what needs they have. We have plenty of ideas of how to take Desktopio to the next level too. Right now we are working on few new features that will be released shortly.”

Their user base is quite small, with around 50 users currently using the service. Eldar notes, “our biggest challenge right now is getting new paying customers without investing money in marketing”.

The team is not actively looking for funding as of now, as Eldar explains: “It is always good with extra support on the financial side, but it needs to be someone who truly believes in our idea”. The next step for the team is getting the new features into production and keep working on development and marketing.

The product seems interesting, but to me it seems like Deskoptio needs to hone in on their idea and focus on what would make people choose their platform before Kundo and other, more well established competitors.

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