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#sthlmtech Meetup January : A Summary

Written by on January 28

Monday night marked the one year anniversary of Tyler Crowley’s #sthlmtech meetup. From a humble 50 people attending at the first event a year ago, to a staggering crowd exceeding 600 last night. As usual, Tyler kicked off with some follow ups and Swedish startup news. We got the chance to hear about the upcoming Startup Ecosystem Report from Bjoern Lasse Herrmann and we were all encouraged to contribute to the benchmarking of the Swedish startup ecosystem for 2014.

Also mentioned was Creandum’s database of Bitcoin companies and the Expressen Hackathon which attracted many developers and has opened the phenomena up for a wider audience. The gender issue in the tech community was also raised and Faces of Tech was mentioned as a great initiative inviting encouraging and promoting female tech entrepreneurs.

Marty Cagan

The first guest of the night was product development guru and renowned author Marty Cagan. He proposed that many startups lack a product vision and instead make the mistake to hone in on details and small features. He also encouraged the startups to really keep relevant performance metrics. “In what stage are you and what is your current goal?”

Furthermore, Marty stressed the importance of the team, as they are the ones who are going to build the product. According to him, a common mistake is burning their seed money on too many engineers early on, rather than for example hiring a designer.


The main guests for the night were the Creandum team members Fredrik Cassel, Staffan Helgesson, Hjalmar Winbladh and Johan Brenner. We got an opportunity to get into their heads and listen to them explain what values Creandum believes in and how they perceive their own brand.

“We are really entrepreneurs. We try not to be assholes and wake up in the morning with the ambition to build a great brand. Our mindset is that the entrepreneur should choose who can invest, and not the other way around.”

The Creandum team also gave us some insight on what they look for in entrepreneurs, products and teams:

“Can we find a team who have exceptional personnel on several spots? The wish-list included a team with a great sense of product, that know what metrics that are important, and that has strong leadership.”

“Team, size of market, business idea and traction are boxes that we all want to tick. We might not be able to tick them all, but team and market you can never have un-ticked.”

“We do not mind risk at all, actually risk is fine. The problem that we often have is that the upside is not big enough”

After that, it was time for the pitching session.

On-stage pitching

#1 Relation Desk

Relation Desk is a new efficient tool for managing customer relationships through social media channels. We wrote about Relation Desk in June and they have really performed well since then. CEO Fritjof Andersson could on stage show us an impressive list of early customers including brands such as Telia, McDonalds and SAS.

CEO Fritjof Andersson could on stage show us an impressive list of early customers including brands such as Telia, McDonalds and SAS.

#2 RevRise

Jonas Karlsson and Jonas Arnklint from RevRise showed us their sales funnel optimization tool, aiming at drastically improving conversion rate on web shops. Through RevRise Form Analytics the user can diagnose how their forms (eg. shopping carts) are performing and how and why customers drop out. Also RevRise could show off some renowned early customers such as ThePhoneHouse and Vattenfall. Again, we are very happy to say that we already covered RevRise a while back on several occasions!

#3 FatCal

The last pitch was FatCal, a digital calendar that is built for the mobile and social era. It took a while before the audience got the chance to see the actual calendar, but it sure showed us some of possibilities of this new kind of calendar. The letdown here was a somewhat unorganised presentation, but I think the entrepreneur (and the audience) can take a lot away from it.


All in all it was a great event, and it sure is going to be interesting to see where Tyler takes it from here. Have we reached the summit or is there a next step? Even though the content was great I can’t imagine that I was the only one who thought the whole event was a bit too long. We’ll see if there’s going to be any changes on that note. As always the hang-out afterwards was as appreciated opportunity to mingle around with all the individuals who together make up the Sthlm tech community.

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