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Ex-Creandum associate launches Fitbay, backed by Creandum and Just Eat founder

Written by on January 28

Fitbay is one of many startups focused on fixing the “sizing issues” within e-commerce. Fitbay claims that 40% of all clothes sold online are returned due to incorrect sizing, which frankly is an astonishing number. Big problem, check. Big market, check. Now, whilst there are many players innovating in the space, including Stockholm-based Virtusize – Fitbay have decided to take a different approach.

To make sure sizing is “never an issue” – Fitbay will only show users items that already fit them. When signing up for the service, users are required to enter a variety of sizing dimensions. In addition Fitbay will draw size conclusions by looking at other users with a similar body shape.What this means is that each unique customer is shown a store, customised especially for them.

”Today it is not convenient to buy clothes online. A large part of purchases result in a trip to the post office in order to send the product back to the store. Customers do not want to risk buying clothes in the wrong size and as a result they stop buying clothes online altogether. We want to bring convenience back to online clothes shopping by helping users find clothes that fit both in size and style.” says Christian Wylonis, Founder & CEO of Fitbay.com.

Today, Fitbay have announced that they’ve raised $400,000 USD from Creandum (where CEO Wylonis was an associate) and Jesper Buch, the Danish founder of Just Eat.

”We are proud to support the team behind Fitbay.com in their vision to solve the biggest pain in online clothes shopping today.” says Martin Hauge, General Partner at Creandum. Creandum is the leading Nordic venture capital fund best known for their early investment in Spotify.

  • http://jonaslejon.se/ Jonas Lejon

    Wow! Congrats to the investment

    • Philip T. Wylonis

      Thank you Jonas – we are very grateful for the positive response we have seen and for everyone that took the time to write about us!

  • Michael Höglund

    Cool. Some edge cases concerning shopping for others (kids etc), but obviously you just toggle fitbay on/off.

    • Philip T. Wylonis

      Hi Michael! Our hope is to help everyone find clothes that fit – including assisting parents with looking for clothing for their children :)

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