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Don’t know what to do tonight? Meet Spontano, an “Uber for events”

Written by on January 27

Spontano is a service with the ambition to make the world more spontaneous. They’re building an on demand/last-minute event-ticketing platform, with the aim of offering great deals at low costs.

Is there a market here? Well, problems with “being spontaneous” include knowing what events are going on, if tickets are available, where you can buy them – and at what cost. At the same time, event organisers constantly struggle to sell out their events – so what do they do with the remaining tickets?

Inside the service, accessible from any device, users can be inspired by events and activities, everything from theater to sports, happening right now in Stockholm. Buying tickets is a nice experience, as is inviting friends – enabling users to make spontaneous decisions, buy tickets and have them delivered in under a minute on the metro home from work.

Spontano is run by brothers Ludvig and Oskar Linse along with tech partner Fredrik Nordell. They are however looking to expand the team shortly, both on the tech side and in sales/marketing. The team is currently working from SU Incubator, and it’s worth noting that the team recently won Stockholm Business Region’s Innovation Prize.

The product has been live for around a month now – and there seems to be a steady flow of events available each evening, which is positive. Of course – the team isn’t without challenges though. Namely, it’s crucial to keep the merchants happy. If Spontano manage to maintain a high “percentage tickets sold at the right price” rate, they should be OK. Otherwise, they could face a backlash from the merchants.

Definitely one to watch out for this year.

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