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Sunday #swedentech wrap up: Spotify, Zound Industries and Malmö’s gaming scene

Written by on January 19, 2014

Each Sunday, we bring you Swedish technology companies who’ve been written about, or mentioned by larger international press. This week, Spotify dropped their streaming limits from the desktop app, Business Insider wrote about hardware startups and Swedish Zound Industries got a mention and Pocket Gamer wrote about the gaming scene in Malmö.

Spotify Drops Desktop Streaming Limits–a Pricing Precedent?

“On Thursday morning, the Sweden-based startup announced it was dropping those restrictions, which included a cap on how many songs non-paying subscribers could stream and a six-month limit on unlimited listening. “You can listen to your favorite songs as many times as you like, for as long as you want,” Spotify wrote on its blog. You’ll still have to listen to pesky ads, though.”

Why Southern China Is The Best Place In The World For A Hardware Innovator

“Some firms prefer to go it alone, like Zound Industries, a Swedish maker of fashionable headphones, including brands such as Urbanears and Molami. Back in 2008, when production in Shenzhen did not get off the ground because factories failed to deliver, Zound sent one of the founders, who hired a couple of experienced hands to work with manufacturers. Today the firm has 18 employees in the Chinese city and uses five factories which have so far produced nearly 8m headphones.”

Mobile in Malmo: Why it’s no biggie when Sweden’s big boys struggle

“There’s a great feel to the area. People always get tired of working for big companies so they quit and start their own business. There are good universities and creative people.”

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