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Saturday Swedish Startup News – January 18

Written by on January 18

Busy week? No time to check Swedish Startup Space? No worries – we’ve wrapped up the week’s most popular articles and latest jobs from #swedentech here for you!

Most read this week

Our Guide to Soft Funding and Why You Might Want To Avoid It, part 1

So you’re starting a business and don’t feel ready to rumble with the angels and VCs yet? Don’t worry, there are many other sources of early funding. This is the first post of two on soft funding in Sweden.

Jobylon relaunches as “end to end” solution to help small and medium businesses with recruiting

Back in March 2013, recruiting startup Jobylon launched “Jobylon Bounty” a service which aimed to turn “people into headhunters”. The Jobylon team, have gone back to the drawing board and emerged with a new product

Ad-tech startup Bannerflow add 3 CEO Nicholas Högberg to their board

Bannerflow, one of the “under the radar” software companies in Sweden today announced their new Chairman of the Board – Nicholas Högberg who comes from the CEO position at telco 3 Sweden.

ShopJoy announce apps, using iBeacon to target physical store customers

Last time we spoke to ShopJoy, they were in Tokyo and met with Yamaha. We caught up with them and asked what they’ve been up to these last months.

Most read this month

From student dorm to 250 MSEK acquisition – the Online Pizza story

Online Pizza is one of Sweden’s biggest internet hits of the last few years – taking an idea from a student dorm (literally) to a reported 250-500 MSEK acquisition – just a handful of years later. James caught up with co founder Erik Byrenius for a chat about the early days, scaling the company and the emotional rollercoaster of selling your company.

Swedish Startup Space: 2013 Review

Well, that’s 2013 coming to a close and for the Swedish startup community, it’s been a big one. Here are the most talked about companies and the most read posts for 2013.

Will Kivra digitalise Swedish mail in 2014?

Kivra, since acquiring local competitor Brevo during last summer, is now Sweden’s biggest player when it comes to digitalising postal mail. They had a pretty amazing back-end to 2013 – bringing in H&M CEO Karl-Johan Persson and God-El founder Stefan Krook as partners. They also raised a further 50m SEK in capital in December – meaning the company should be full of resources and ready to take on 2014.

Ted Valentin opens Knackeriet for business and co-working in Gamla Stan

The ‘nomad-coffeeshop-entrepreneur’ Ted Valentin has started a co-working space called Knackeriet in Gamla Stan, Stockholm.

Latest jobs

Elance Mobilizer at Elance

Customer Support Representative at Unomaly

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