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UserApp.io from Skåne enter DreamIt accelerator in Texas and enter talks with VC’s

Written by on January 17, 2014

Last time we talked to UserApp, the user management solution from Skåne, they were just getting started. The article sparked a bunch of discussions on Hacker News and Reddit, and some great discussions were had regarding “outsourcing” user management to a third-party.

I got in touch with Robin Orheden to get an update on what they are currently working on. Right now, a lot of focus seems to be on raising funds to keep developing further, as they said back in October:

We entered discussions with a big angel investor and have also discussed some interesting things with another angel/VC. We are still discussing both and we will reach a decision in January

Things seems to be picking up as they just entered the final round in one of the biggest entreprenuer contest in Sweden.

One of their team members, developer Timothy, is also running his “100 Growth hacks in 100 days” blog and gotten a lot of attention from both HackerNews as well as the startup community as a whole. “We entered as a sponsor for the Hackathon Static Showdown, which is a virtual hackathon where people participate from their home”, the Hackathon starts in the beginning of February 2014.

They are currently in Texas where they were accepted to the DreamIt Accelerator and focus on building their product.

Check out Hackernytt TV S01E05 below, with Robin Orheden och Timothy E Johansson from UserApp.io (In Swedish)

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