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ShopJoy announce apps, using iBeacon to target physical store customers

Written by on January 17

Last time we spoke to ShopJoy, they were in Tokyo and met with Yamaha. We caught up with them and asked what they’ve been up to these last months.

While in Japan, they managed to get an exclusive deal for the Nordic’s  for one year. Though, back in Sweden, the team found some problems in the technology offered by Yamaha, “Discovering those problems at the same time as Apple released their iOS7 feature called iBeacon, allowed us to make a business decision to focus only on using the iBeacon technology”.

They are working on a tool that will enable the possibility to communicate with a smartphone user at the right time, at the right place, with the perfect content. To do this, they will use Apple’s iBeacon tech.

At the end of September 2013 Apple introduced iOS 7 and one of the new features was iBeacon. iBeacon is based on Bluetooth Low Engery (BLE). After initial testing with the new technology, we realized it suited us very well and had clear advantages compared to the sound waves that Yamaha had developed. Since then we have focused on the iBeacon technology and things are looking very positive. With iBeacon it is possible to send personalized messages to a visitor’s smart phone down to an exact position.

The team say that this has opened up a whole new dimension of possibilities for the shopping and experimental industry. “We’ve put in many developing hours this fall and the first versions for iPhone and Android are now ready. We are still at an early stage but we feel that we have something really good and exciting going on”.

Two new minority owners have joined the ShopJoy team. Both of them have a lot of experience and knowledge within mobile technology and mobile marketing. Together, the team will now work more towards sales in the spring of 2014. ShopJoy is trying to crack a very interesting business case here. Myself, I am curious to see how the customers will react to this pin-pointing of you as a customer with everything regarding privacy concerns.

For more information, check out their new website

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