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Jobylon relaunches as “end to end” solution to help small and medium businesses with recruiting

Written by on January 13

Back in March 2013, recruiting startup Jobylon launched “Jobylon Bounty” a service which aimed to turn “people into headhunters”. The idea was simple – the best recruits often come via referrals and a high volume of referrals can be generated via social networks. Companies could attach “bounties” or rewards to their job listings, and successful referrers would receive that prize, given their referral ends up getting the job. Companies seemed to like the concept and the Jobylon team were able to run some pretty good campaigns.

So what was wrong? Well, for one – the team tell me that they realised that “bounty” was a great feature, but not the foundation of a big recruiting business.

So the Jobylon team, have gone back to the drawing board and emerged with a new product – this time an “end-to-end” recruiting solution for smaller and mid-sized companies. CEO Aref Abedi tells me that Jobylon wants to remove all the hassle from recruiting, and by putting “sourcing, interviewing, following up and hiring” in the same application – it can do just that. What’s cool about the new Jobylon is that, this product seems to distill everything they’ve learned about hiring and HR into one product. The “bounty” will be in there and everything they’ve learned about successful job ads (from their first product Jobylon.se) will be in there too.


There are some big challenges though – the most obvious being that recruiting is a notoriously crowded space, and there are hundreds of recruiting startups fighting for the “longtail” of recruitment, the small and medium sized companies bold enough to try some new tools.

When speaking about competition, Abedi notes, “Regardless of all the companies trying to innovate in this space, it’s actually still dominated by the dinosaurs. What’s even more interesting is that, when you look at the numbers, most hiring managers are still using simple email and Excel in their recruiting process. This says a lot.”.

I’ve had a quick run through of the system, and must say that it’s a nice solution. They’ll be offering it as a monthly-subscription/SaaS solution, so 2014 should be an exciting year for the Jobylon team.

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