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Ad-tech startup Bannerflow add 3 CEO Nicholas Högberg to their board

Written by on January 10

Well, this is pretty serious news. Swedish startup Bannerflowwho we wrote about in August are definitely one of the “under-the-radar” startups in our scene. They’ve built a SaaS tool to help creatives more efficiently create banners. With some nice clients on board and 10 million SEK in turnover – they recently moved their business to New York – the romantic “home of the advertising industry”.

Today they announced that they brought on 3Sweden CEO Nicholas Högberg as Chairman of the Board. In an interview with Dagens Media – Högberg noted that he thinks Bannerflow successfully fill a massive hole in the marketing software market and that the company can be one of the “big Swedish Internet” companies.

“We are privileged to have one of Scandinavia’s best executive leaders as Chairman of the Board. He joins with an exceptional track record and a strong experience within the IT sector, which positions our company for rapid growth. He brings a wealth of both industry and market knowledge of our future challenges in our efforts to further strengthen our competitiveness and strategic position to become a well-established global player,” says Daniel Fahlén, CEO at Nordic Factory Solutions AB.

It’s a pretty big recruiting coup for a small Swedish tech company not many people have even heard about. That said, it shows that sometimes the best companies are in the trenches building and selling, not worrying too much about the buzz.

Keep an eye on Bannerflow.

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