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Make decisions easier using your friends and picvote

Written by on January 8

Picvote is an iPhone application that allows you to take photos of “choices/alternatives” and let your Facebook friends vote on what they like best. The “social decision making” space is actually pretty crowded, and even here in the Nordics there are a couple of people taking a stab at it (Listnerd, ThinkLink etc). Of course, as you step outside the Nordic borders – there a host of competitors, some with considerable traction too (Seesaw being the most high profile). 

Per Sunesson, Interaction Designer and Founder at the company, describes the product as a way to make decisions by sending a “picvote” to your trusted friends, such as what to wear or what movie to watch, and have them help you decide.

Per developed the app together with the Swedish innovation agency, ayond, and he comments:

My vision with picvote has been to create a simple and playful solution that makes decision-making more fun. After having seen friends post images on Facebook of what glasses to buy and trying to make sense of the results or even putting together a simple HTML page with examples to send out via email we realized that there indeed was a need for this pretty niched application.

picvote vs Seesaw, Thumbs and Polar

Where most of the apps push to make all user activity public, picvote does not.

Per explains that the difference between competitors such as SeeSaw, Thumbs and Polar is the simplicity and privacy of picvote. Where most of the apps push to make all user activity public, picvote does not and allows you to send the result and choices to a limited amount of your trusted Facebook friends.

The business model is creating an opportunity for brands to use the app as a marketing channel through “contests” in the app. An example is a fashion company that creates an outfit competition where people post their favorite outfits and let others vote on them. Each week a winner is announced that got the most votes. The beauty with the concept is that users enters the competitions just because it is fun. And if you like an outfit you just follow the link where you can buy the garments.

Let’s not shy away from the fact that this is an incredibly competitive and cutthroat space in which most companies won’t make it. However, the picvote app is slick and well designed – and the “privacy” value proposition is interesting to many – so it’s going to be interesting to follow their progress.

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