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Ted Valentin opens Knackeriet for business and co-working in Gamla Stan

Written by on January 2

The ‘nomad-coffeeshop-entrepreneur’ we’ve written about before whom explained that “people waste their most creative years on campaign websites for vodka and fashion”, has opened a co-working space called Knackeriet in Gamla Stan, Stockholm.

Knackeriet is a facility in “old town” started with the ambition to create a great atmosphere for web business, programmers, designers and app developers. There is currently 16 members, housing people such as himself, Jonathan Heyman, Annelie Näs, Tobias Ahlin (previously at Spotify, now designer at GitHub) and Jonny Strömberg (from Sthlm.js).

They are offering people to either rent by the hour or become “VIP members” where you pay around 4 900:- a month, Ted adds that if you add a lot of value to the space, you will get a reduced fee, so it is a highly individual pricing.

For those interested in Knackeriet, you can contact Ted, he also adds that “We are currently out of spots, but get in touch and we can see what we can do”.

Launches two new sites

Ted recently launched two new sites, adding to his network of maps and social aggregators, “Where does your friends workout” and “Popular Bars“.

We wish Ted and everyone at Knackeriet good luck! It is truly great to see so many of these initiatives starting in Stockholm!

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