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Swedish Startup Space: 2013 Review

Written by , and on December 30, 2013

Well, that’s 2013 coming to a close and for the Swedish startup community, it’s been a big one.

The Swedish startup scene is growing…


Tyler Crowley and #sthlmtech

There is little doubt in our minds, that the arrival of Tyler has been one of the most significant things to happen to the Swedish tech scene this year. He has managed to stir the pot get more people mixing together and of course, taken a small monthly meetup from 70 to over 700 people. He helped bring us the hashtag, helped deliver on some pretty epic press for the community (Guardian, New York Times) and was also involved in the opening of SUP46.

The opening of SUP46 – a natural home for Swedish entrepreneurs

Another extremely significant thing that happened this year for #swedentech was the opening of SUP46 – a co-working and event space for entrepreneurs located in central Stockholm. Many have tried, and whilst they still have a lot to prove – the SUP46 crew seem to be onto a winner. With some great backers and promising member companies, 2014 should be an exciting year!

Many have tried, and whilst they still have a lot to prove – the SUP46 crew seem to be onto a winner

Startup Day 2013

Always one of the top events on the Swedish startup calendar, Startup Day 2013 was a huge success – attracting an all-time-high attendance of 1000+ entrepreneurs, investors and journalists. Marie Sundström of SSES does a brilliant job of organising this event, so kudos to Marie!

Best of Swedish Startup Space

Whilst we are working hard on a few exciting things for 2014 including a slick new job board and a way to track your favourite Swedish tech companies, here’s a wrap up of what happened in 2013 at SwedishStartupSpace.com.

Most Talked About Companies

  1. Tictail
    Easily the most talked about Swedish startup of 2013. Tictail was literally everywhere. They grew to over 20,000 stores and were written about by pretty much every reputable mainstream UK media outlet there is – Guardian, Telegraph, Daily Mail – you name it, they were there.
  2. Spotify
    In 2013, Spotify became the world’s richest startup and got slagged off by Radiohead frontman Thom Yorke. Good year I’d say!
  3. Fishbrain
    Most people probably didn’t see this one coming – but 2013 was a very, very solid year for Fishbrain. After winning Slush last year, they debunked one of fishings most persistent myths, reached 100,000 users and raised a funding round from pretty much every reputable Swedish angel investor.
  4. Truecaller
    Truecaller were recently named one of the world’s fastest growing mobile startups and ranked in pretty much every “Hottest Swedish startups” list that came out this year. Truecaller recently partnered up with Twitter too – something not many startups can lay claim to.

Most Read Posts

  1. Instabridge Announces Free Wifi in Amsterdam | Anders Hassis on November 20
    Instabridge announced that they are offering over 300 wi-fi hotspots in the surrounding areas of Amsterdam – which means that residents and tourists alike can have constant access to free and stable wi-fi.
  2. Why are there so many successful Swedish gaming companies? | Karsten Deppert on September 23
    Karsten Deppert is a parallel-entrepreneur and talks about the Swedish gaming culture and why we are so good at producing games
  3. Lund-based UserApp wants to help developers focus on what they do best | James Pember on October 8
    James spoke with Robin Orheden, a Lund-based developer who is behind UserApp – a new SaaS tool to help developers integrate user management into applications.
  4. From student dorm to 250M SEK acquisition: The OnlinePizza.se story | James Pember on December 17
    Online Pizza is one of Sweden’s biggest internet hits of the last few years – taking an idea from a student dorm (literally) to a reported 250-500 MSEK acquisition – just a handful of years later. James caught up with co founder Erik Byrenius for a chat about the early days, scaling the company and the emotional rollercoaster of selling your company.
  5. The Swedish Startup Scene: A Beginners Guide | James Pember on April 2
    James put together a little guide for our international readers looking to find out more about our stunning scene.
  6. The Definitive Guide to Swedish Angel Investing – 2013 | Anders Hassis on August 26
    Looking to raise an angel round? Swedish Startup Space made a list of the top angel investors based in Sweden!
  7. After selling to Blackberry, Hampus Jakobsson talks about his latest project, Dexplora | James Pember on June 9
    James is talking with Hampus Jakobsson, a serial entrepreneur based in Malmö who has recently founded Dexplora – a company that will develop tools for sales people. Previously, Hampus sold his company TAT to Blackberry for $150million.
  8. There’s a new VC in town: Moor Capital | James Pember on May 28
    A new VC firm, Moor & More has opened in Stockholm and is made up of Kerstin Cooley, Katja Bergman and Bengt Häger and they are currently situated in central Stockholm – working from the Rovio offices.
  9. Burt: A Swedish Startup Story | John Robertsson, Johannes Tveitan and Per Bergström on December 9
    Four years later Burt holds their own with 21 employees and offices in both Sweden and the United States. Today they have a clear focus: helping media houses to turn their web presence into a profitable business. SSS met Gustav von Sydow (CEO) and Fredrik Grahn (CFO) to talk about their road to the successful business they run today, the pitfalls and the hard choices.

Our great partners

Needless to say, we’re extremely happy and proud to have partnered up with some great companies and organisations this year. It’s so pleasing to see such a wide variety of people willing to support the Swedish startup scene.

Cloud Royale – Swedish Startup Space is proudly running on Cloud Royale, which is a Swedish VPS Cloud platform. Cloud Royale offers us all the configuration we want through a simple yet beautiful dashboard, go ahead and check out Cloud Royale!

Jansson & Norin – Jansson & Norin is a young, exciting law firm with offices in both Gothenburg and Stockholm. They are entrepreneurs at heart and love helping small businesses through the variety of legal issues they often face. The team specialize in IT & Intellectual Property Law, Company Law and Civil Litigation – meaning they’re the perfect partner for a growing company.

STING – STING’s business accelerator helps entrepreneurs to build international growth companies faster. By offering support within business development, financing, and networking, STING wants to create the right conditions for our startups to conquer the world.

Thoughtbot – thoughtbot turns ideas into prototypes and helps those prototypes grow into independent companies. With 10 years of experience, offices in major tech hubs, and a staff of developers and designers from startup backgrounds, thoughtbot can assist in all steps of the business and development process.

Stockholm IT Region – Swedish Startup Space is proud to be one of the partners to Stockholm IT Region. It is a collaborative project run by a number of public and private groups aimed at further strengthening the competitiveness of the ICT industry in the Stockholm region.

  • James, let’s not discount the simple fact that SSS is itself one of the much loved additions to the startup scene in Stockholm. You are doing an exemplary job, and play a very important role in the community for which I and everyone I meet are endlessly thankful. Well done!

    • hajak

      Agree. You should map your posts though – the companies mentioned are more “Stockholm Startup Space” than “Swedish Startup Space”. Not sure it is a problem, but maybe not in line with your goals.

      • James Pember

        Hi Hampus. We’ve really tried hard over the last few months to increase our coverage of GBG, Malmö and other cities. Of course, it’s naturally harder for us given that our presence is here in Stockholm. We’ve recently expanded our writing team and added a few people in Göteborg. Would love to get some Malmö based writers on board – perhaps something you could help with Hampus?

      • jamespember

        Thanks for the feedback – it’s something we’re actively trying to change. Would love to discuss this with you more sometime.

        • hajak

          No problem. You have my email if you want to discuss.

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