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Merry Christmas everyone! We’re on holiday

Written by on December 22

This year has been a fantastic year and we’re so proud of what we have accomplished since we started our journey in February. When James, Pär and I started this site all those months ago, we had no idea what we gotten ourselves into. The response has been massive and we feel that we are really making a difference on the startup scene.

We have seen the Swedish startup scene explode and become noticed all over the world with startups such as Instabridge, Memoto and many more! Next year, we have some great news to share with you about our platform but for now, we will be on holiday until the 2nd of January.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  • Stephen Holmes

    Merry Christmas to you guys as well, I moved over to Malmo in August from London. Since then your website has been part of my daily routine and a source of useable and fascinating information. I love the Swedish start up scene – congrats to being an important part of that scene and a valuable source of information. Looking forward to more great stuff in 2014! Stephen Holmes

    • Anders Hassis

      Stephen, thank you for those kind words! Let us know if you are in Stockholm and want to grab a coffee.

      • Stephen Holmes

        Thanks Anders! No worries at all – you guys deserve it! I will give you a shout when I am up in Stcokholm yes. Likewise if you are in Malmo let me know!

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