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Tink releases Android version

Written by on December 19

100 000 people already downloaded the Tink iPhone app in just over three months, and it’s now time for the Android version. Tink is a service similar to the US success story Mint, a tool to help people understand what happens with their money. It takes away the effort of saving receipts and sorting them by connecting to your internet bank. Tink analyses the data and presents it to the users in an easy-to-understand way.

The CEO and founder, Daniel Kjellén says: “Our iPhone app has been a huge success and we’ve gotten a lot of good feedback from the beta users on the Android platform. We are happy to bring Tink to a larger audience and give them the opportunity to follow their money from their cell phones.”

Kjellén continues:

Android is an important platform for us and we’ve built the app from scratch to take advantage of its benefits. Together with our beta testers we’ve worked hard on giving the Android users a great experience.

Tink is available on all Android devices => 4.0 and can be downloaded in Google Play.

I’m happy to see that Tink is expanding and pushing the development further, however, an issue that is hard to solve for all these sort of apps is situations when you transfer money between accounts or using Swish or similar services. Many users I’ve spoken to have complained that using multiple bank cards also presents a problem – hopefully one that Tink can solve.

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