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RevRise leave beta, report 77% increase in conversion rate during beta period

Written by on December 13

RevRise is one of the “under the radar” startups of Stockholm – they have a cracking product, a great team and absolutely solve a problem. The problem I guess is, it’s not really a “sexy problem”, so they tend to stay out the spotlight. The fact is though, forms are business critical for many companies – it’s where your product meets customer. If RevRise can prove that they increase form conversions – they’re onto a winner.

During their beta period, RevRise analysed over 230 forms, on 60 websites – and showed that their tool helped increase conversions by up to 77%.

On the negative side, RevRise’s Form Analytics tool – is just that, one tool – and customers may be hesitant to invest in just one tool. What RevRise should do (and they ensure me they are) – is build out a suite of conversion-rate-optimisation-products, and become the go-to solution for anything conversion related.

In any case, RevRise is absolutely one company to watch in 2014.

The Form Analytics tool will be ready for self-service early next year.


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