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Tictail present Code In The Dark #3 – Stockholm, Thursday December 5

Written by on November 29, 2013

Code In The Dark is back! The Tictail crew and co are holding the third CITD event, and the second in Stockholm. The event will be held in the Tictail offices, and even if you’re not a coder – it’s a good chance to network and of course have some fun.

More info and RSVP here.

From the Meetup page:

What is Code in the Dark?

Contestants are given a screenshot of a popular, yet simple, site and have 15 minutes to reproduce it. Easy right? Well, how about we add the rule that you are not allowed to preview your code during those 15 minutes? The tiniest mistake can have the most hilarious consequences and they are all revealed at the same time (for the first time) in front of the audience – which get to vote on which site is closest to the real deal. Naturally, the entire event is in one dark, big, room filled with lazers and smoke machines.


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