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Robert Lyngman: “We are going to revolutionize the resume”

Written by on November 27, 2013

Recruitment is one of Stockholm’s most crowded spaces – with a whole host of companies trying to help companies source and close talent in the most efficient way possible. There are a variety of solutions – referrals, job board engines and crowdfunded applicants are just three off the top of my head. Generally though, companies using these solutions inevitably run into the same problem – what to take out of a CV?

Robert Lyngman of Sqore, previously known as Student Competitions AB, has made a pretty bold statement and promises to revolutionize the resume. Their vision is a new type of resume extended with certified skills that better shows a person’s true employable value, thus improving the labor market for everyone.

Following the global increase in access to education and the increased mobility of workers and students between countries, Robert believes that there is a need to validate people’s skills.

The need to certify and compare peoples true skills is greater than ever. A diploma is no longer enough to capture an individual’s true talents. Regardless of how skills are acquired, whether through traditional university, online courses, practical experience or self-education, Sqore will verify and certify skills, upgrading the resume to better reflect a person’s talent. This will give people better access to global and local career opportunities.

Sqore will help to improve the assessment of bright and skilled people from academic and non-academic backgrounds. A big problem today is to validate skills, regardless of how and where the skills was acquired.  It will help them reshape the way skills are identified and certified, and in this way, educational institutions’ brands will take on an updated role as a certifier of skills. Companies and organisations will also be able to put their mark of quality on the extended resume. Robert believes that they will become the certifier of skills important to their business.

Robert compares their validation process to the one at LinkedIn and explains further why he believes this one to be superior:

We independently validate your skills. At LinkedIn you claim to have a skill or get it endorsed by a friend, in our system you need to demonstrate it and get an employer to certify it.In LinkedIn today it is extremely easy to apply for a job. This may look good for the candidate, but this makes the ranking and sorting process at the employing company extremely difficult.

The idea is pretty solid – and I can absolutely see the value in evaluating different skills depending on a bunch of variables – location, institution, grade. The vision is big – a standardized way of certifying accomplishments and skills, but logistically that’s going to be pretty tough. I do think that data-driven recruitment is a super interesting space (I actually just met Stockholm-based Skillable.com this week), but there is a lot of work to be done before it becomes a reliable way of selecting talent.

Source: Student Competitions.

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