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Electro-streaming service Revibe launches throughout the Nordics

Written by on November 25, 2013

Revibe are today announcing that they are exiting private beta and launching their niched-streaming service in all the Nordic countries. We wrote about the service back in June – when the guys had just launched the beta, but were still struggling with some of the more logistical issues such as licensing and content. Now the service has amassed 20,000 users and will launch their 5 EUR/month plans.

Basically – Revibe is a streaming service that exclusively has electronic dance music on it’s platform. In addition, the web application has some pretty cool “DJ Tools” that allow users to alter/mix the tunes and play DJ. I’ve seen a live demo of the product and I must admit that the application is slick – and quite fun to play with.

Of course the company faces some serious challenges. Firstly, competing with the big players in the streaming space – it’s going to be hard to pull users away from established services like Spotify, Rdio and Grooveshark. In addition, whilst the DJ tools are undoubtedly fun and useful, I wonder if this is a tool for “real DJ’s” or more just an engaging way for EDM-interest folks to listen to music. Could a DJ use this tool live, or is it simply a consumption platform?

Magnus Örnberg, CEO of Revibe said:

The electronic music scene is extremely big. EDM is pop music’s trendiest acronym right now. Our aim is to become more than just a streaming service – and our DJ tools are just the first step. We will expand the service with more unique functionality and release it in some additional markets soon.

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  • Jack Paxton

    I have to say it’s the DJ tool that makes this interesting. There are so many of these services, so having something to set one apart is important. For me I’m pretty used to pandora now, and I like torch music for videos. If anything else is going to set off my radar it has to do something interesting, and this certainly does.

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