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SkickaTårta.se, the latest Swedish e-comm player to hit the Polish and German markets

Written by on November 22, 2013

There is no shortage of Swedish e-commerce success-stories, but often the smaller, niche-yet-strong sites don’t get much attention. I caught up for a chat with Magnus Äng – a Malmö based entrepreneur who is involved in a number of e-commerce companies, but also a member of the SEO Consultancy TopVisible who we’re written about before.

One of Magnus’ companies SkickaTårta.se is on track to hit 7 M SEK in revenue this year, and was also nominated as one of “2013’s top E-Commerce companies” for the Nordic E-Commerce Awards. In addition, they opened up a physical store in Malmö during the summer. Äng and team seem to have built a pretty solid framework for launching e-commerce plays – having worked extensively with EuroFlorist (and others) and their online marketing for over 13 years.

Now the company has global domination on their minds – and now report 300 bakeries in Germany and 100 bakeries in Poland are hooked up to the service.

On choosing Poland (and Germany) as the first markets:

It is natural to choose Poland as the first foreign market. They are 40 million people and the country’s economy is doing well compared to the rest of Europe. They have a comparatively great internet infrastructure and they love pastries almost as much as the Swedes! says Magnus Noord, partner at SkickaTårta.se.

It seems that the SkickaTårta.se team aren’t the only ones looking at Poland – Babyshop also announced their plans to expand into Poland and Russia earlier this year.



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