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Stockholm’s Instabridge announce free wi-fi in Amsterdam and surrounding areas

Written by on November 20, 2013

Instabridge is for sure one of Stockholm’s hottest startups – they’ve been featured in Economist, the Guardian and Wired UK and also won a coveted “Best International Startup” prize at the LAUNCH festival in San Francisco.  If you’ve been living under a rock for the past year, Instabridge is a mobile application that allows users to find and share wi-fi networks in order to save battery life, reduce mobile-data usage and thus money.

Today they’ve announced that they are offering over 300 wi-fi hotspots in the surrounding areas of Amsterdam – which means that residents and tourists alike can have constant access to free and stable wi-fi.

It’s going to be extremely interesting to watch Instabridge over the next few months – as they start to strike these strategic deals in cities all across the world – most likely partnering up with Telco companies looking to reduce the strain on the networks, but of course to lock customers in to their hotspots too.

Niklas Agevik, CEO of Instabridge commented:

Wi-Fi is available almost everywhere today, but the hassle of using it limits its real world usage. With Instabridge, users will find themselves using Wi-Fi in new situations, lowering their mobile data usage, increasing battery life, and saving money

Direct link to the app

Editors note: This post got a lot of attention over at Reddit, so head over there to read more discussions.

  • Timic83

    meanwhile in australia

  • MAB1990

    Hookers, hash and hotspots!!!!!!

  • Rohan Shewale

    Far for reality in India…

  • ConcernedCitizen2321

    Amsterdam: Leading the world with its civility and progressive advancements.

  • Am I the only one that thinks these idea is dangerous?
    Are people really going to use those Wifi spots even if they can sniff their fb, google, online bank accounts, etc?

    • niklas_a

      Hi Viccuad, I’m one of the devs. Yes that is an unfortunate problem with wifi. But overall, almost all sites use HTTPS so you are safe unless you share your password plaintext. In the future we will also add a bunch of features to make sure using wifi with Instabridge is the safest way possible to surf.

      • Hi niklas_a, I’m glad to hear you are addressing those problems. I have concerns though, with the rest of the protocols apps use, which are not safe at all. Please consider raising awareness of privacy when using the app. Wish you sincere luck in the venture!

        • niklas_a

          Hi Viccuad, would be great to hear more about this. One of our team members is an ex-security researcher and we have put a lot of effort into doing what we can to make Instabridge safe to use. Feel free to get in touch with me directly at niklas@instabridge.com and let’s discuss.

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