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Meet Curator, a ‘Pinterest for Productivity’ app for the iPad

Written by on November 15, 2013

Curator was founded in London by Swedish architect Daniel Nordh and describes itself as a ‘moodboard for ideas’ or the ‘Pinterest for Productivity’. In more concrete terms, Curator is a tablet-first tool for creatives to visually map ideas and concepts.

Daniel actually applied for Y-Combinator with Curator, and whilst they weren’t accepted – they were able to get a pretty nice testimonial from Paul Graham, who noted “We loved the app, it’s really cool”.

I was a little confused at first, so I asked Daniel exactly what problem Curator is solving, and he commented:

Designers and creatives connect much faster when they see their content – rather than navigating lists or searching through keywords. The creative process is dependent on collecting, synthesizing and communicating ideas quickly – and Curator is made for this kind of ‘visual thinking’.

Whilst I probably wouldn’t switch over from Evernote for Curator, it’s clear that I’m not the target demographic, but for designers – I think the combination of scrapbooking and note-taking could be quite powerful, so I’m looking forward to following their progress.

Check out the Curator app here.

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