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Cloud Royale to launch their own CDN

Written by on November 6, 2013

We talked to Cloud Royale a while back, when they had just launched their service. We figured it was time to catch up and see what they’ve been up to this summer. As one of Sweden’s first Cloud VPS services, they are now getting ready to launch their own CDN network, and they just got their first beta testers onboard. Personally, I think these domestic cloud services are really interesting, just because companies should think about where they store their data, just as Linus Olsson from Heml.is mentioned in a previous interview we did with him.

Releasing a CDN and DNS Service

Jonathan Gabor, product owner at Cloud Royale commented:

We are planning to release Cloud Royale CDN shortly. It will be a global CDN with nodes in countries such as Brazil, Japan, Germany and the US. As of now we have 26 countries and are adding more every day. Our next milestone is our upcoming Anycast DNS service.

With these two services in place we feel we have a solid foundation to help our customers grow globally and to let us expand our services outside the borders of Sweden.

Their market focus is still Sweden and they are currently 100% dedicated to their Swedish customers, so Jonathan says that the global expansion probably wont happen for quite some time:

We feel that we’ve managed to find our place in the ‘cloud’ alongside other Swedish providers, our biggest challenge right now is to define our brand and make sure other people hear about us.

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