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Swedish government introduces tax reductions for investors

Written by on November 4, 2013

The government introduces a tax deduction in December, which will result in a tax reduction for individuals who invest money in small businesses. The proposal has been pushed forward by the organization Företagarna.

During an interview with InternetWorld, Elisabeth Thand Ringqvist the CEO of Företagarna said:

It is a big achievment for us that the government introduces these deductions. It is a proposal we’ve been pushing hard for a long time to make it easier for small and fast-growing companies that has a dire need of investment money.

As it is today, many entrepreneurs get help from friends and family when they start and develop their businesses. When this deduction gets introduced, we lower the thresholds for those investors. Small business owners need more and easier ways to access capital, and this deduction is a good first step


  • Nice, hope there will be more for new startups in Sweden.

    • Anders Hassis

      I definitely hope it will!

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