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Meet Hub Planner, a resource planning tool for the forgotten industries

Written by on November 4, 2013

Today I’m talking with Stephen Martin, one of the cofounders of Hub Planner – a resource planning tool that are focusing on some interesting segments, for example retail and construction. Whilst there are a plethora of great resource planning tools available today, most tend to target similar industries.

The service was launched this year and the company includes both Stephen and Jonas Eliasson, both with considerable project-management experience from the agency world. What they experienced in their jobs, was a lack of tools that helped give companies a birds eye view of their ‘resource planning’.

Our vision with Hub Planner was to make an easy to use planning tool giving anyone who manages people the ability to book resources and get a visual overview of what is going on in their organization. As a digital producer or PM you will often be asked “who is working on what?”, “do we have availability to take on this project”, “what are the vacations over the Christmas period?”

The team aims to solve this particular issue and help teams know what each member is working on and help them allocate resources accordingly.

This is clearly a competitive market, and there are many entrenched players with considerable traction. When speaking to Stephen on the subject of competitors, he noted:

A major distinguishing feature of Hub Planner is that it can be tailored any industry. We do talk about the digital industry a lot as that is what we know best, but we are also looking to other industries outside of digital to use Hub Planner. Construction Sites are a good example where you can use Hub Planner to manage where your workers are going to be located. Department stores is another interesting one. Essentially if you are an industry who book resources, then you can leverage Hub Planner to help you.

With the beta product out, the team, is now focusing on building awareness and attracting new customers.

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