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Digital examination system DigiExam expands to Baltics, looking to grow team

Written by on October 22, 2013

We talked to DigiExam at the beginning of the summer, but for those who are hearing about the company for the first time – they’ve built a digital-examination system that is currently being used by KTH, Viktor Rydbergs and the Stockholm School of Economics. Their main focus at that point was to focus on establishing their market presence and building trust in Sweden, as well as expanding to Latvia and Finland. I caught up with their CEO, Johan Hägglund, to see how things were going for them. Since last time we talked, they’ve managed to sign 10 universities to pilot DigiExam.

We have now finished up with the most critical development stage and we started to contact Universities at the end of August and so far the response has been very positive. It feels like many schools have been waiting for this solution, and some schools that we have met have actively searched for this type of solution but haven’t found something, until now.

One of the company’s main goals has been to expand to Latvia and Finland, which is really exciting and also crucial for since it will prove whether their organization will have scaling issues. However, according to Johan, they expansion has been successful so far:

From day one we have had an ambition to become a global company and everything we have developed in terms of software and processes has had to be scalable and easily understood and implemented across different markets. We are continuously striving to make the service manage itself and this is a great opportunity for us to gain more feedback on how we can improve our service.

Being such a young company, their platform is still growing and the team is still trying to find out which techniques are the best fit for them. DigiExam believes they have now reached a point where their technical foundation is “solid”, something they can develop further on top of, and that will also handle scale.

There are always challenges when you are trying to build a company that has an ambition to change the world! However, I must say, so far we have been able to avoid large problems. I believe we have reached the point where we have a solid technical foundation in which we can develop on. We have focused very hard to create something that works really smoothly and doesn’t require teachers and students to have any technical-knowledge.

I think the greatest challenge for us has been to take something that is technically very complex and to make it very intuitive for the user and to create a solution were the user can’t do anything ‘wrong’. Our goal has been to create a solution where teachers and students can feel safe in the stomach while writing a high stake exam digitally.

The Swedish and Nordic markets are important for many companies to establish their product and name, however, the next step for DigiExam to focus on schools outside the universities and recruiting more people

The next step is to continue what we are doing now, starting to build a strong home market. We have focused a lot on Universities but soon we will also start to serve high schools and colleges, and of course put focus into those. We are currently looking for talented and driven people that are willing to join the DigiExam team.

Thank you for your time Johan!

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