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Meet Plick, the latest entrant into the ‘second-hand-mobile-marketplace’ space

Written by on October 16

As if it wasn’t competitive enough, the ‘second-hand-mobile-marketplace‘ space has another player – Plick. Plick is an Uppsala-based company that allows users to buy and sell vintage clothing. Users can follow trends, people and explore content posted by both individuals and stores. Plick, like many of their competitors are working on the promise that ‘the best vintage clothes are in peoples wardrobes, not in a store’. Plick is actually a collaboration between Swace Digital (a technical agency founded by the Plick founders) and Studio Dicore, a creative agency who contribute with the design, UX and fashion knowledge.

As we touched on, this is an extremely competitive space – with of course Blocket and Tradera leading the way – but also a host of new tech startups like Osom pushing for market share. Whilst, Osom have not gained considerable share yet, it must be said that they are on their way.

When speaking on the topic of competition, Jimmy Heibert, CEO said:

We are more focused on the quality of the content than our competition. Plick is the only marketplace that reviews all ads based on a photo policy to keep the content aligned for a better user experience. This is a process our competitors have a hard time streamlining as their content is much more differentiated, spanning all the way from cars and furniture to clothes and accessories.

We often hear that content is king and that’s really the truth for all marketplaces but it’s a big difference in how we define good content. For Plick it’s all about finding the perfect mix of quality and quantity while most of the competition only emphasize quantity as a method to grow their marketplaces. For us, it’s not the app that keeps users coming back, it’s the quality of the ads.

On the positive side, Plick’s review/quality-control policy should hold them in good stead when it comes to moderating content and keeping the app fresh and exciting – as quality control has absolutely been one of the concerns for these new mobile marketplaces.

CEO Jimmy Heibert on the future for Plick:

Plick was launched four weeks ago and, as anticipated, we saw a peak during the week of the launch. However, the big question remained; “Can we keep this up?” Today, four weeks later, we know that we can. We now see a 30% weekly growth in users, meaning we are growing our user base exponentially. The same goes for the number of published ads and items sold.

Thank you for your time Jimmy!

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