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Stockholm-based Plotagon inks deal with Marvel-legend Stan Lee

Written by on October 15, 2013

We wrote about Stockholm-based Plotagon back in August, but for those who didn’t see it – Plotagon is a tool that let’s anyone created an animated film using a screenplay. Essentially, the software takes the screenplay and some basic inputs (setting, characters etc), then generates the film. It’s certainly a pretty neat concept, but I think like many, I was left wondering who would really want it. More bluntly, who would pay a lot of money for it?

Well, it was announced on Variety that comic legend Stan Lee (the former chairman of Marvel and co-creator of Spiderman, the Fantastic Four and The Hulk) has inked a deal with Plotagon, that will allow fans to create films using 4 of Lee’s newest charactars. This seems like exactly what Plotagon needed – a big partnership deal to help bring some credibility and mass-market attention to the service.

Lee commented:

“I have had great fun creating all my characters, and have really enjoyed seeing my fans creating their own stories,” Lee said. “Now, through this collaboration with Plotagon, they can create their own superhero movies.”

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