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Vint, a marketplace for fitness and training opens into beta today

Written by on October 9, 2013

Vint have built some considerable buzz over the last few months, primarily because their team consists of a couple of ex-Wrapp people and Louise Eriksson who has just handed over the CEO role at AdProfit. Today, they launch their app in beta.

The idea is pretty simple – a marketplace to connect personal trainers with users who are looking for interesting and exciting training. Talking to some friends this morning, it seems that personal training is something that many are interested in, but the cost is too high, and the variety of training too low. This is where Vint comes in, offering ‘freelance PT’s’ a place to advertise services and users a place to find decently-priced personal trainers.

CEO Louise Eriksson told me a little bit about their vision:

Passionate athletes that can share their knowledge and enthusiasm in a sport and a place where certified instructors can be reached outside their gyms. So we started working and built the marketplace for both certified trainers and passionate athletes to share, earn and spread the power of fun and games.

One of the major concerns one has is of course quality control – how do Vint ensure that my personal trainer is of high quality? Well, Vint are starting by hand-picking each personal trainer, a process which should help to seed high quality into the platform at first. How they scale that is another question, but for now it seems like a fine solution.

Speaking on the topic of quality control, CEO Louise Eriksson commented:

Vint will build a network of qualified ambassadors that will help us with the process of accepting new instructors to the platform. All instructors that want to become a Vint trainer must send their Bio + potential certificates (if educated) and host a 30min session for one of our ambassadors as part of the process.

One of the best ‘features’, in my mind, is that the entire booking and payment is taken care of within Vint, so there is no need for awkward money transfers and calendar dealings. This ‘one-stop-shop’ feeling should help to build stickiness and engagement, ensuring that I spend more time within the app.

Check out the Vint site.

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