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Billogram launch API – Integrate your way to stylish biz-administration

Written by on September 30, 2013

I wrote an article about Billogram a couple of months ago. Their approach to include design and style to the “boring” administration has gotten a lot of media coverage and today they are launching their new API. I caught up with Carl Oscar Aaro,  a software engineer at Billogram, to talk about the launch and what we can expect.

Hi Carl Oscar! Tell us a little about yourself and what you do at Billogram.

I’ve been with the Billogram team from the very beginning and wrote some of the first lines of code for the service. I’m a coder at heart and from a very young age I already knew I wanted to become a developer. I’ve pretty much been playing around with computers daily since I was around six years old. I’m also quite into photography and have even shot many of the photos shown at the Billogram site today.

At Billogram I work on most parts of the service, both backend and frontend. I’m also involved in some system administration – email, DNS, Linux, etc.

You are releasing a new API, tell us about that.

Our new API is a typical REST API using JSON as our representation for objects and data. We’re using HTTP Authorization and common practices for RESTful APIs. We wanted to do something that will be really easy to use for any kind of developer and we think that most developers nowadays know how HTTP works.

We’ll also be providing our own libraries for various languages if you want to get started right away. From the start these will be available for Python and PHP.

The difference compared to our old API, is that you may now perform many more actions and reach even more resources of the system. We wish to create an API that will provide enough information to even build a new front to the entire system, for example a mobile application, or a fully integrated web shop.

Developers have had the opportunity to sign up to get early access, how has the response been?

The Billogram API has been in high demand lately, so it’s really exciting to finally be able to give them access to this and see what they’ll be able to create. Currently we have a few invited companies that have started to integrate in our sandbox environment and they have even worked over the weekend to test it out.

People appreciate that we’re using REST standards. If you’ve integrated to APIs earlier there aren’t many surprises and you’ll be able to get right into the action.

What do you expect from this launch?

We hope that more companies will be able to use our service with these new updates. With all the feedback we’ll receive we hope to expand our API features and to give even more tools to all the developers that wish to integrate

What will happen to Billogram in the next six months?

Our ambition is of course to keep developing the current features of Billogram and work on finding exciting and cool partnerships where our API could be of use.

We’ll keep up the pace and keep expanding to be able to help even more people away from the world of boring administration.

Thank you Carl Oscar!

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