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ESVerse.com is a LinkedIn for competitive online gamers

Written by on September 27, 2013

Today I’m speaking with Johan Rydberg Möller, founder of ESVerse.com – a site calling itself ‘the new home for e-sports‘. We’ve written about some e-gaming recently, who are thinking about this space so it’s going to be interesting to see how ESVerse.com can differentiate themselves from the market.

What is ESVerse.com and what problem are you solving?

Think of ESVerse.com as the LinkedIn of gaming. Right now gamers everywhere don’t have access to a centralized location where they can compete in leagues, host their own tournaments, find teams or teammates and play their way to the big leagues. That’s what we’re providing at ESVerse.com. The name ESVerse is a portmanteau of the words ESport and Universe, and that is exactly what we are working to provide. Tournaments, forums, streaming matches and all that good stuff can be found online for pretty much any competitive game you’d care to mention, but we are doing what no one else has attempted before – we’re bringing everything into one location and really focusing on the gamers experience.

Tell me a little about the team

The team is based in Gothenburg and have been working on the project since the early spring of 2013. We’ve just recently opened the registration for our upcoming beta in the fall and the response so far has been great. In order to tailor the site to the gamers who will be using it we are hooking up with gaming ambassadors, professional gamers or experienced figures in the gaming industry, so that we can listen to their advice and make ESVerse.com the best it can be.

Make no mistake, our ambition is to create the biggest and best ESport site out there, and what better place to start building that right here in Sweden, with some of the industries best and brightest just around the corner.

This seems like a competitive market, and we’ve written about two similar sites in the past few months. What makes you unique and what is your competitive advantage?

Every new business has competition in the marketplace and ESVerse is no exception. Perhaps most notable are ESL, the Electronic Sports League, over at esl.eu. They are one of the largest and longest running ESport organizations in Europe and have proven by their longevity and statistics that their business model and audience is large and viable. As of writing this they have roughly 4.3 million users, of which about half can be considered active. ESVerse.com has a distinct competitive advantage in that it is easy to use, built with technology that is up to date and designed not only to be a beautiful product but perhaps more importantly with the gamer in mind. We listen to our users and implement the functionality they would like to use but can’t.

Another advantage ESVerse has is that we’re focusing on the global market immediately, rather than focusing solely on the EU. For obvious reasons our outreach is strongest in Sweden at the moment, but we will always be available to anyone who wants to use our service, regardless of geographical location. In terms of brand recognition we are working very hard at creating a profile which people everywhere will remember and trust.

We hope that the startup mentality, the “lets go do it” and “lets build something awesome together” vibe which is tangible in our office will permeate through our brand and products as well.

So, have you taken any funding and what do the next few months look like for the company?

We have not actively been seeking funding so far but have had some interest from potential investors who have found us by word of mouth. The focus so far has been on building the product and getting the word out about the site and our vision. We have only recently started seriously considering taking on external investors and will be exploring that further during the fall. In terms of revenue there is currently none as the site has not yet launched.

ESVerse will earn revenue from a freemium model similar to what LinkedIn does but will also partner with other companies and leagues who will be able to host their tournaments at ESVerse for a fee.

We are currently exploring other areas in which we could monetize the product but creating a well functioning and well designed platform for our users is our chief concern at the moment.

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