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Peter from Nerdy By Nerds: “Your company is your life and everything costs more than you think”

Written by on September 20, 2013

Anders spoke to Peter Arneryd from the jeans manufacturer in Malmö, Nerdy By Nerds. Peter tells us more about how their crowdfunding experience was and why they are doing what they are doing.

Tell us about yourself and your background

My name is Peter and I am from Malmö Limhamn Sweden. I have always been interested of quality clothes. So when I was younger I was always studying the history of every garment i was buying. When I met Adrian and Oscar for the first time we realized that we have the same interest. We loved the history of clothes and jeans of course. That was the moment we realized that we wanted to create our own jeans produced in the old fashioned way.

You guys started a jeans factory in Malmö, how many people have called you crazy so far?

Many people have called us crazy through the years. the classic one hears is why we do not produce in Asia when it is cheaper. But these people do not understand the point of what we do. As time goes, we have seen that the majority of people out there love what we do. Of course, there will always be people who are a bit narrow minded.

At first, you were going to start a webshop with other brands. What made you change your mind?

We loved clothes. so we wanted to work in the fashion industry in some way. The easiest way was and is to open up a webshop, but we didn’t want it to be easy. We wanted to create something that we could call ours, so we could be hundred percent proud of those product we are selling.

Where did the idea come from that you were gonna raise money on FundedByMe?

Before we have heard about FundedByMe had we discussed of doing a crowdfunding round at kickstarter. But one day when we was at an event at ideon in Lund, FundedByme was there. We met the founder, Daniel, and felt that FundedByMe was better because we wanted to first of all attract the Swedish market. It was also fun that everyone at the event thought that our company was perfect for a crowdfunding round. This you could say made ​​the decision a lot easier.

Tell us about the pros and cons when doing a round on FundedByMe?

Doing a crowdfunding round is very special. it’s like starting a new company where everything you do has with the crowdfunding to do. Before we went live, we thought that we still have time for ordinary work and the crowdfunding would solve itself. That was not the case, every hour of the day was one of us forced to spend on the crowdfunding, it took a lot of time even more than you could ever imagine.

Even if crowdfunding is investment online. You have to be out there and meet people. We almost lived in Stockholm for two months to meet potential investors. One of the difficult parts of crowdfunding is getting to the actual money. People find it easy to subscribe that they want to invest, but when it comes to paying so is it harder. The best thing about crowdfunding is all the partners we got to know along the way

Many of our investors want to help us with PR, photo, film, music and much more which is incredibly fun. Another great thing is the marketing. We have basically been in every morning paper in whole Sweden. Then you shouldn’t forget that all our investors is also our ambassadors. That they talking, carrying and spreading the news about NBN out there.

How many jeans have you managed to sell so far?

So far we have selling seventy pair of NBN jeans. But we are soon releasing three different models in four denim qualities.

What is your number one advice to entrepreneurs?

The advice I can give to other entrepreneurs out there is.

  • Your company is your life.
  • Time is a scarce resource.
  • Everything costs more than you think.

So long you keep these three things in mind, you have the possibility to go really far.

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