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Schibsted buys 100% of Compricer for 135 M SEK

Written by on September 16, 2013

Earlier this month it was announced that Schibsted had purchased 100% of personal-finance marketplace Compricer for 135million SEK. Compricer was founded in 2005, and is expected to generate around 12 million SEK in profits this year. The purchase of Compricer certainly fits into Schibsted’s wider strategy, complementing sites like Lendo, Suredo, Kundkraft, Elpriser.se, Mobilio and MittBolån.se – that Schibsted already have in their portfolio.

I caught up with Dan Ouchterlony – an investment manager at Schibsted for a quick chat.

Tell us a little more about the deal and what it means for Schibsted?

What’s in the release is what we will share at the moment in terms of details. The deal was negotiated directly with the CEO/founder Jakob. We were increasingly impressed by what we saw during the process, especially in terms of people.

We have been investing in the Personal Finance space since 2009. Today we run Lendo, Kundkraft, Elpriser, Suredo, Mobilio and Mittbolån – loans, electricity, insurance, cell plans, mortgages.

We want to empower consumers to make better decisions and help our partners get new customers cost efficiently. Compricer will fit perfectly into this strategy and help us build our brands, services and products going forward.

Comparison marketplaces that empower buyers are something seemingly central to Schibsted’s strategy. What does the future hold for this space?

We have a long way to go. At the moment we are just scratching the surface of what’s possible in terms of the services we offer and the products we cover.

One example is to integrate tools for budgeting into this. Many interesting players are emerging here like Tink, Qapital and Smartbudget. Another example is to dig deeper into certain segments like credit cards and pensions.

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