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Swedish Startups making International headlines this week – September 15

Written by on September 15, 2013

Note: This is a new Sunday format we are testing – wrapping up all the great international press Swedish startups are getting. Please give us some feedback on Twitter, and of course – if you find a great piece, pass it on! In addition, we are looking to give it a snappy title – any suggestions?

FishBrain Secures Seed Funding To Socialise Sport Fishing

“Now the startup is set to expand into the U.S. after raising a seed round understood to be in the region of $150,000. In the U.S. there are 40 million anglers, which is more than play golf and tennis combined, and the retail market is $45 billion per year. So there is a big fish to catch in this space… So far the app on Android and iOS has garnered 100,000 registered users and 50,000 logged catches.”

The Sound of Social

“A Swedish student of engineering, Alex Ljung, who loved to hack new inventions (like shoes that make different sounds depending on your mood or a ping-pong table that makes noise as you rally) identified that the mighty Internet was servicing video far more than it was catering to pure sound. In fact there was no social site for sound. Social networking at its best provides a platform for collaboration, but it simply had no site dedicated to sound – where people could truly collaborate, no matter their size, look, age or social status. Like many brilliant and transformative startup ideas, it was born out of the need to solve a personal problem: Alex wanted to create music with his friend, Eric Wahlforss, and describing the parts of the songs they wanted to edit and the changes they wanted to make proved frustrating, so together they figured out ways to visualize the tracks and lodge comments into them – and Soundcloud was formed.”

Seenth.is App Helps Music Fans Wrangle Their Favorite Artists’ Multiple Social Media Feeds

“The Stockholm-based co-founders of Seenth.is (pronounced “seen this”) designed its algorithm to “solve the social media information overload that’s plaguing all of us,” said CMO Robert Furelid. The app soft-launched with 200 artists at the beginning of July and has grown quickly since then, with 400 additional performers added so far based on trending searches.”

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