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Meet Worki, who want to make applying for jobs simple and fun

Written by on September 12, 2013

Today I’m talking with Pierre Orsander, a Malmö-based entrepreneur who we’ve actually written about a number of times. Today he’s launching Worki – a weekend project to help people more easily find relevant jobs.

Whilst jobs is a notoriously tough market, Pierre does seem to have some cool ideas – choosing to place all of the focus on user experience and simplicity.

Pierre tells me that key features include: embeddable job ads, direct optimization for search engines and well presented statistics on applicants, views etc.

The problem however, is that inevitably, recruiters and employers will go with the service that provides the best leads – so Pierre has a challenge on his hands.

Hi Pierre, tell us a little about the project and where the idea came from?

The project started a few weeks ago, and the idea came out of the blue. It all started when I was drinking a coffee and thinking about how there should be an easier way to search for jobs. About an hour after, the idea was set, and I kew how I wanted it to work, and started working on it right away. 

Tell us about the team and whether this is a full time or side project?

The team currently consists of me, and… well, thats it for now. It’s a side project that I will have to see what it evolves too, and what response I will get on it. The main reason is to get people to rethink how applying for jobs and applying people should work.

Competitive space, no doubt. How do you stand out?

There are a lot of competitors in job-boards. A lot of times, companies even have their own system where you apply for jobs within their system. Problem is, you have to register for a lot of different sites. My hope is that through a simple experience get people to use Worki and make it a simpler experience both for them and for the people who apply.

What makes Worki so unique is that it provides a new sleek and simple interface that works a lot different than current job-boards do today, which often follow the same standards.

What are the next steps?

The next steps for Worki is to get a lot of companies to add jobs and from there people creating accounts to apply. Since I’m trying to reinvent how applying to jobs work, it’s really important for Worki that people create accounts to apply for the jobs available. That is why I’m launching a beta of the service right away, to get a lot of important feedback from both companies and users on how to make it better.

Normal users can register today and companies can sign up for the waiting-list for a Publisher account to ensure to give a smooth experience for everyone.

For the service i have an internal roadmap of features and fixes to do. But more of that is coming soon!

Thanks Pierre!

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