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Meet Kerstin Cooley of Moor – a new VC based in Stockholm

Written by on September 10, 2013

Tyler Crowley has posted details for the next STHLM TECH meetup, happening on Wednesday, September 18. Get down for your chance to meet Kerstin Cooley – a new Stockholm-based VC at Moor.

From the event page:

Have you heard of a game called Angry Birds?.. You have? Then you know the parent company is Rovio from Finland, right? Did you know that the chairman and 70% owner of Rovio recently created a super angel investment company based in Stockholm?! Well, it’s called MOOR, and recently invested in Stockholm’s own Goo Technologies.

We are very excited to welcome MOOR CEO, Kerstin Cooley for a fireside chat and Q+A.

Come meet Kertin and the Moor team as we discus what is in store for MOOR and the angel investment landscape in Stockholm, as well as how startups should best approach and build relationships with angel investors.

Also, 20 of Stockholm’s newest and coolest startups will be demoing starting at 5pm. We’re going to have a pitch / strip show to determine who is Stockholm’s Sexiest Startup. Then we will enjoy discounted drinks at the bar and network until they kick us out.

All details here.

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