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Interview with Andreas Krohn about Nordic APIs

Written by on August 30, 2013

I caught up with Andreas Krohn, one of the initiative takers behind the API conference Nordic APIs that will be held in Stockholm September 18-19. Andreas also arranged so all our readers get 20% off when registering, keep reading to find out more.

Who is organizing the conference?

We are two companies that together founded Nordic APIs – Dopter and Twobo Technologies. Both companies works in the API space, Dopter with business strategies and technical implementation and Twobo with cloud security and platforms, and we have both missed a local conference about these issues. The result was that we in january this year decided to start our own series of conferences and since then we have had 6 Nordic APIs events in 3 countries (Sweden, Denmark and Norway).

How did you come up with the idea?

APIs are everywhere, almost every startup are using/producing APIs, every mobile app are using APIs and more and more big established companies are publishing APIs, still it was no real conversation on the issue in Sweden and in the Nordic countries. With Nordic APIs we want to bring the community working with APIs together, across country boarders and across industries, to learn from each other.

Personally I have wanted to do a conference about APIs for years, but it was not until I started working with Travis Spencer at Twobo that things got rolling. We have been a bit overwhelmed by the interest from attendees, speakers and sponsors so far so we seem to have gotten the timing right. In a few weeks we are going to have a 2-day conference in Stockholm, the biggest event so far. We plan this to be an annual event (even if it might not be in Stockholm every year) and we plan to keep doing smaller half-day events all around the Nordics next year. Also we are going to have one day at Internetdagarna focusing on “APIs for Business”, i.e. how to make money from APIs directly or indirectly, which is a great complement to what we are doing in september.

Do you have any sessions that you are personally looking forward to?

We will have over 25 speakers and many session + an unconference, so it is hard to pick favourites, but I can highlight a few. Some of the sessions I am really looking forward to are “Developers are People Too! Building a Developer Experience based API Strategy”, “Using APIs for Better Business Partnerships” and “Building Apps with an API-based Backend”.

Among the speakers I like Kin Lane, who among many other things runs [API Evangelist](http://apievangelist.com/), he is a great speaker with deep knowledge about the subject. Adam DuVander, Executive Editor at ProgrammableWeb and Guillaume Balas, CMO at 3scale are some other favourites. We also have speakers from Intel, SmartBear, Apigee, SOA Software, TradeShift and Playback Energy just to mention a few.

Check out the agenda to get more information about what sessions and speakers that will be at Nordic APIs.

How has the interest been leading up to the conference?

The interest is high. Last time we were in Stockholm we had to make one half-day event into two half-day events (morning + afternoon), and we still had a waiting list. It is great to see signups from all over the Nordics and from different kinds of companies, everything from startups to banks and major retailers. APIs are everywhere and are impacting business models and technical solutions, so it is well worth spending 2 days learning a lot more about the problems and the solutions.

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For readers of Swedish Startup Space we offer a 20% discount on the (already low) ticket price. Use the code “swedishstartupspace” when registering, or just click this link to come straight to registration with the code already applied. The discount code is valid until September 6th.

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