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Interview with Patric Bottne from Appspotr

Written by on August 27, 2013

I talked to Patric Bottne from AppSpottr, the tool that enables non-programmers to create iPhone and iPad apps.

What is AppSpotr?

AppSpotr is an online service that makes app production and maintenance so easy, fast and cheap that anyone can do it.

Who are you and what is your role at AppSpotr?

I am an hard working entrepreneur trying to build up successful businesses. I founded AppSpotr together with a friend some years ago. Today AppSpotr has a unique self-sustaining team that works hard. My role is to support and help them reach the goals.

What is the problem that AppSpotr set out to solve?

Although there are many DIY tools out there today for building apps they are still to complicated, time-consuming and/or expensive to use. If you can´t offer all three things: EASY, FAST and CHEAP you will never succeed in getting the attention from the mass-user market. AppSpotr set out to make app production so easy, fast and cheap that anyone can do it.

What makes AppSpotr different from similar products such as Appsify.me (http://appsify.me/)?

Again, there are many out there trying to do the DIY app business come alive, but none have a platform that is so easy, fast and cheap to use that anyone can do it. AppSpotr´s platform lets anyone produce apps for their business, or making business by producing apps for others. And there are NO hassles with building, testing, publishing and updating your app. AppSpotr simplifies the whole process not leaving any complicated step to the user to solve on their own.

So the customer doesn’t need to program a single line of code?

No, no programming skills needed.

How big is your team?

The team is 5 people today and growing.

What is the next step for AppSpotr?

We are launching our new CMS v 2.0 this autumn. With our new CMS we will again revolutionize the way how to build apps with new cool features. And there is more crazy cool stuff coming up. Everyone should go to www.appspotr.com and get an early bird invite for our new version.

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