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The Definitive Guide to Swedish Angel Investing 2013

Written by on August 26, 2013

To find an angel investor is not a easy task, but once you find the right one who is willing to invest in your business, the effort really pays off.

Below, the team at Swedish Startup Space have compiled a list of people whom we think are among the most active ones in Sweden at the moment. Have we missed someone? Please let us know in the comments and we’ll try squeeze that name in!

Well, here it is – the Definitive Guide to Swedish Angel Investing 2013, if you are just looking for the list; keep scrolling!

3 great inside tips from investors and entrepreneurs

We got in touch with a few chosen investors and entrepreneurs and asked what they think and how people should approach them.

If you’re a small investor putting 50,000 to 100,000 SEK into a few companies, invest in companies with founders you like and where you can be truly helpful. It will most likely be a 5-10 year journey, so that’s what I think make sense. If you don’t see yourself learning anything, the stock market is probably a better place to invest
-Henrik Torstensson

“Be a problem solver. Be insanely obsessed with solving real problems for you customer and charge them real money for it. Don’t be a solution problematizer developing shiny and smart products that no-one wants to buy. Always start with the problem, never with the solution. And sell. SELL. SELL!!! If they don’t buy, it is not the customers that are stupid, it’s your offering that is wrong.
-Gustaf Brandberg

“Most entrepreneurs make the mistake of thinking you raise money from a firm. The truth is you’re likely to only meet the partnership only one or two times every year. The partner that comes onboard on the other hand is like your wife/husband, in good and bad times you will have to stick it out. Make sure it’s someone you really like and that you believe will care about your business on a personal level.”
-Carl Waldekranz

Angels in alphabetical order


Robert Ahldin

Twitter: @robahldin
Investor in CompricerMutewatchBillogram + more

Gustaf Brandberg

Twitter: @gustafbrandberg
ounder at Citerus and investor at Gullspång Invest. Investor of  Load Impact (loadimpact.com) and Pocket Entertainment (pocketent.tv).

Jan Carlzon

Previously at SAS, now investor in Fyndiq.

Andy Chen

LinkedIn profile
CEO at Preview Network. Investor in Videofy.me.

Andreas Ehn

Twitter: @ehn
Founder Wrapp, ex-Spotify & investor OpbeatSunriseTripbirds

Johan Gertell

LinkedIn profile
Previously at Yahoo, now investor in 13th Lab.

Klaus Hommels

Crunchbase profile
His investments in Sweden include: King (company)Stardoll.comKlarnaSpotify and Tictail.

Måns Hultman

AngelList profile
Investor in Squirro

Hampus Jakobsson

Twitter: @hajak
Founder TATDexplora & investor SettleboxPlaneto + more

Fredrik Jung Abbou

Entrepreneur & Investor. Founder of Fakturino

Magnus Kenneby

Twitter: @mkenneby
Investor in Mionix

Johan Lenander

Investor in AutoUncle, Bilprospekt, Qnekt, TrialBee

Stefan Lindeberg

Twitter: @Zirker
Previously at Creandum, now Conor and investor in Desmo.

Ludvig Linge

LinkedIn profile
Founder TAT & investor KivraDesmo + more

Angels cont.


Peder Matsgård

Twitter: @pedermatsgard
Founder Qbrick, investor in OculusAI.

Mattias Miksche

Twitter: @mattiasmicksche
CEO Stardoll & investor HeadwebSportamoreFishbrainPosh24

Dan Nilsson

Twitter: @Nilsson_Dan
Founder Roligaprylar.seFyndiqEhandel.seContentor & investor Tonerlagret

Rikard Steiber

AngelList profile
Chief Digital Officer at MTG, founder of Digiscope and investor in FishBrain

Henrik Torstensson

Twitter: @henrikt
CEO ShapeUp Club, ex-Spotify, ex-Stardoll & investor VideoplazaDexploraTieday GroupFishbrain

Jane Walerud

LinkedIn profile
Serial entrepreneur & investor KlarnaLensway + more

Martin Wattin

Twitter: @mwattin
Investor Rabble + more

Magnus Wiberg

LinkedIn Profile
Serial Entrepreneur and Investor in Internet and E-commerce.

Hjalmar Winbladh

Twitter: @hjalmarwinbladh
Founder WrappRebtelSendit & investor IZettle

Tord Wingren

LinkedIn profile
Investor in Anyfi Networks

Ulf Sandberg

Twitter: @mErAUlf
Investor in PlayadPocket Media + more.

Carl Silbersky

Twitter: @silbersky
CEO Settlebox, ex- Polar Rose & investor QubulusHinnerdu

  • A good list by all means but not even close to definitive :)

    • Anton Johansson

      If you know more names, ping the startup space team so they can add ’em! :)

      • jamespember

        Yep, feel free to let us know who we missed and we’ll update the list!

        • JaneWalerud

          Peter Nilsson, Jan Lombach, Katarina Bonde, Bengt Åkerlind, Magnus Bergman… at least!

          • jamespember

            Great additions – thank you Jane!

          • Ted Elvhage

            yes, I’d say that our team at Stockholms Affärsänglar, http://www.stoaf.se, including Peter Nilsson and myself and approx 15 other angels in our team are very active… not only investments, but also competence…

  • mustafa

    how to actually be an angel investor ? I have about a 50k and am interested in tech start ups, can someone tip me off ?

  • Lars

    I am thinking to launch a start up in Stockholm. My thought is that I would need about 10-15 million SEK over the first two years, do you think building a group of angels to come on board is better than bringing the idea to Northzone or another VC? I do not really need the package the VC’s bring to the table, or is this typically more money than a group of say 3 or 4 angels would be willing to invest. Thanks for your thoughts.

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