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Swedish startups making International headlines this week – 25 August

Written by on August 25, 2013

Note: This is a new Sunday format we are going to test – wrapping up all the great international press Swedish startups are getting. Please give us some feedback on Twitter, and of course – if you find a great piece, pass it on! In addition, we are looking to give it a snappy title – any suggestions?

From Sweden comes, theQ, a social network focused connected camera

“From the land of Abba and Spotify comes theQ, a lifetyle product startup that has come out with theQ Camera, which is dead simple to use, has built in 3G connectivity and allows you to post directly to your social networks”.

Startup of the week: Tictail

Carl Waldekranz: “The reason (there are so many great Swedish companies) is because we have such great engineering and design culture and talent. Our business hierarchy is also flat so no one is better than anyone else. You don’t hire someone to be a developer; you hire someone to be an entrepreneur and a developer. This kind of thinking and philosophy was something we really wanted to incorporate into our business and the way Tictail is perceived”.

The Law Of Jante: How A Swedish Cultural Principle Drives Ikea, Ericsson And Volvo, And Beat The Financial Crisis

“Those who are familiar with the concept often use the Law of Jante to explain the pattern of group behavior within Scandinavian communities that eschews overt self-promotion and achievement as unworthy and inappropriate. Beyond that, it has engendered in Scandinavian society a sense of humility and a respect for moderation that has profoundly affected the way people operate financially, where it’s better to limit risk and certainly not to focus openly on personal gain, both of which are, by contrast, mainstays of the American way of life”.


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