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Magazine Hotels: We’re doing the hard work of selecting only the best, so you don’t have to

Written by on August 22, 2013

Today I’m talking with Petter Palander – a serial entrepreneur  based out of Malmö that is launching MagazineHotels – a curated hotel site aiming to help people find beautiful boutique hotels the world over.

Petter, tell us about your background

I am what most people would call an entrepreneur, and my latest project is Magazine Hotels which I’m co-founding together with Sofia Franzén. I’ve been involved in a variety of startups and web projects over the years, but I used to work as an architect though, and that’s probably one of the reasons that got us in to the path of Magazine Hotels.

Why did you start Magazine Hotels and what problem are you solving?

The idea behind Magazine Hotels was born last summer when a mutual friend were traveling and asked for recommendations on where she should stay. Our passion for design hotel was commonly known among our friends, and it was not the first time someone had asked for advice. So instead of writing yet another email with our recommendation we came up with the idea of creating a place for our favorite hotels around the world so that more people could take part of our curated selection.

Hotel Bookings is a very crowded market, how do you plan to stand out?

It’s design and atmosphere that’s in focus when we make the selection of hotels we recommend. Magazine Hotels is for the traveler who really knows what she wants. A service both for inspiration and a place to book the very best hotels. Only 16 hotels in 14 locations globally has passed our reviews for the opening. We’re doing the hard work of selecting only the best, so the traveler doesn’t have to.

Magazine Hotel’s focus is on how well designed the hotels are and what experience you get, not how on how many stars they have. Our passion for hotels is not about how expensive or luxurious they are. It has more to do with the work and the ideas behind a well-designed and thought through hotel. Staying in a hotel is much more than just having a place to sleep, for us it’s part of the experience of traveling and sometimes we choose destinations by hotels we want to visit.

Tell us a little about the team

We’re a small team of two right now. It’s me and Sofia Franzén, who’s also one of the founders of Owegoo, another swedish startup. We’re avid travellers, extremely picky about hotels and passionate about the web so for us it was only a natural step to create Magazine Hotels. We’re doing all the reviews and building the site ourselves, keeping the team lean and light.

Where do you hope to be in 5 years?

I hope we’ve become the de facto destination for inspiration and for booking design hotels around the world. We are covering all the major cities globally, so that no matter where you want to travel, you know there’s going to be a Magazine Hotel, specially chosen and reviewed that guarantee you a great stay.

Thanks Petter!


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